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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

MI Yoga (Moksha Inspired Yoga)

40 poses practiced in a lightly heated room designed to promote openness through the hips and shoulders; creating strength through the upper and lower extremities while gently detoxifying the entire body. Both standing and seated poses are practiced, giving a balanced cardiovascular practice.

Hatha Yoga

A slower paced yoga. Through the holding of poses, proper alignment and mindful actions of the body can be found. Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength and a sense of well-being to the practitioner. This gentle style is wonderful for first time Yogis.

Yoga Flow

Means "Flowing with grace" and is a practice of physical postures which celebrates the heart and empowers us to align ourselves with the flow of nature. This is a vigorous class based on the Ashtanga Primary Series and connects the Ujjayi breath and movement with the universal principles of alignment to enable all students to safely and confidently challenge and inspire themselves to greater strength and flexibility.

CHILL (Restorative Yoga)

Restorative Yoga poses as "active relaxation." Learning to relax is at the heart of living well. The focus of practice is to slow the body and breath down which allows the mind to rest (CHILL). Develop body awareness, strength, and flexibility, with elements that include balancing the body, breath, and being. By supporting the body with props, we alternately stimulate and relax the body to move toward that balance. Restorative Yoga is an excellent prescription for today's fast paced world of stress and chronic ailments such as high blood pressure, joint pains, asthma, headaches and fatigue.


Strengthen deep abdominal muscles, improve posture, co-ordination, flexibility and deep body awareness by this body-mind exercise technique. An excellent companion to yoga.

Pilates Fit

Improve posture, muscle tone, balance and core control with this amazing fusion workout. Low-impact aerobic dance combined with classic mat Pilates to accelerate the body's fat burning engine. A great combination of breath and body in balance.

Stretch & Move

Create balance! Lengthen, release and relax during this 60 min stretch and movement class. Relieve physical tension by using techniques of passive, resistive and athletic stretches.


This group strength training class is a great way to get lean and chiselled! Using barbell exercises traditionally done in a weight room this workout gets to every major muscle in the body. Add a motivating instructor to safely cue and spot your workout and this workout will take your strength training to a new level.


Combines low to mid-impact aerobic activity along with dumbbells, resistance tubing, sculpt balls to tone and define the body. Includes both muscular strength and endurance with focus on legs, arms and core for a total body workout.

K.O.R.E. – (Kettlebell Overload Resistance Exercise)

An innovative weight training system that engages the entire body in one dynamic workout. This class incorporates K.O.R.E. principles to target muscles, mind and heart rate with progressive movement and pyramid sets. Learn functional movements that will strengthen and define your body.

Indoor Bootcamp

This challenging indoor boot camp class gets the work done! Includes a series of athletic drills, calisthenics, plyometrics exercises, interval aerobic training in a circuit format, as well as speed and agility drills. Involves the use of BOSU, KETTLEBELLS, TRX, STEP box and free weights. Concludes with an intense core stability challenge and athletic stretch.

Outdoor Bootcamp

Coming Soon


An indoor and stationary group cycling program, with various light and music settings to create an energized atmosphere. Instructors guide participants through workout phases: warm-up, steady up-tempo cadences, sprints, climbs, cool-downs, and stretching. You control the resistance on your bike to make the pedaling as easy or difficult as you choose. This non-impact workout that can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels.

Spin (FX) Functional Core

A combination of indoor group cycling and functional core exercise, designed to complement each other in order to give an effective cardiovascular work-out while toning and defining your legs, abdominals and strengthening lower back muscles.

Urban Fitness

A high energy, intense cardio kickbox aerobic workout that incorporates movements from the martial arts and dance. Participants will learn proper techniques for punches, kicks and blocks in a non-contact environment along with a dynamic progression of combative manoeuvres (funky and fun). This workout will increase your stamina, strength, focus and flexibility while burning fat and releasing stress!


Mid to high intensity aerobic class using the step bench. Choreography moves from moderate to complex with expert instructor guidance and motivational music. This class is designed for participants with goals for cardiovascular fitness. The class concludes with abdominal strength and endurance followed by a relaxing stretch.

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